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MARCH 17th-20th


New Norms

The Future

A Bit About the Show

This show is my attempt to process the evolving state of our world that seems to shift beneath our feet even as you read this. Initially, the idea stemmed from my severe Germaphobia as we approached two years into this pandemic; the idea of touching a door nob without immediately cleaning my hands felt unthinkable. During my nine weeks in London working on this show, a lot has happened; this show attempts to touch on my experience during these trying times.

About the Space

This studio-spaced turned gallery is a ever-changing programme of artists in residence at Bankside Hotel’s maker's studio in partnership with DegreeArt, & The Contemporary Collective. This rectangular space just left of the Art Yard Bar & Kitchen will showcase the works created during my two-month residency here in London. 

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Who Are We
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