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This series of works focuses on struggle, personal and global. Struggle is part of our collective unconscious. Something that doesn't require detailed description to understand. It is felt. These works speak to this collective struggle. Learn more about how these works came to be in the description below.

Miniture Monday Templet MINI 3 HH 2.png
Heavi Headz Mini 1.jpg
hh mini 2 miniture mondays.jpg
HeaviHeadzn10 wide.jpg
The Heavi Thinker_edited.jpg
HeaviHeadz n05 raw__edited.jpg
heaviHeadn01 raw.png
HeaviHeadz n06 raw_edited.jpg
Original Inspiration
When copy.png

In the spring of 2022, my world was a tiny studio apartment in London, a backdrop of solitude during global upheaval. The Heavi Headz series was born from this solitude, not as a grand gesture but a personal necessity, beginning with "Tell Me When," a reflection on isolation rendered in the simplicity of a sketch.

The narrative deepened with "WHEN?", a piece inspired by a moment of global significance—the resilience of a nation under siege, captured through the symbolic use of yellow and blue. This shift in the series wasn't just about a change in theme or color but a reflection on resilience, shared humanity, and the subtle threads that connect us all.


As "Tell Me When" evolved from its initial sketches to a full painting, it joined "WHEN?" in anchoring the Heavi Headz series. This progression from digital to physical, from personal musings to a broader canvas, invites a quiet contemplation of our collective journey through times of uncertainty.

Tell Me When copy 2_edited.jpg
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