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This series of works focuses on struggle, personal and global. Struggle is part of our collective unconscious. Something that doesn't require detailed description to understand. It is felt. These works speak to this collective struggle. Learn more about how these works came to be in the description below.

Miniture Monday Templet MINI 3 HH 2.png
Heavi Headz Mini 1.jpg
hh mini 2 miniture mondays.jpg
HeaviHeadzn10 wide.jpg
The Heavi Thinker_edited.jpg
HeaviHeadz n05 raw__edited.jpg
heaviHeadn01 raw.png
HeaviHeadz n06 raw_edited.jpg
Original Inspiration
When copy.png

The Original Inspiration for this series came from two works created while working on my Solo show in London. Right at the beginning of the War in Ukraine.

I had heard about the children's hospital and maternity ward being bombed in Ukraine. I wanted to show my solidarity and sorrow I felt about this news and created the small work you see to the left. When? uses the colors of the Ukraines flag.

Just after When? was conceptualized and sketched, I came down with covid-19 during the residency.

To ensure the gallery space and those nearby were not affected, I was put into a 14-day quarantine in my 8'x 14' studio closet apartment. During this time, I began to go stir-crazy and a tad bit mad (more than usual). During this time, I thought it reasonable to pose and sketch myself using the same style I had used for When? To showcase my uneasiness and depression that came with no interaction for two weeks because of this, the work you see below titled Tell Me When was born and the feedback from that show implored me to iterate the series. 

Tell Me When copy 2_edited.jpg
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