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Hello Joanne Jones

Thank you for your support! I'm thrilled to share this exclusive content crafted just for you.

Your Current SWD Collection:
Studio W.I.P.


Sneak Peak: Art In Development

Get ready for a Heavi Headz revelation like no other. Introducing the novel charm of white-on-white embossed text and a mesmerizing quote from Giorgio De Chirico in Heavi Headz N.012. Plus, I'm teasing a secret – a fresh 3D series soon to be unveiled. You're in for a treat; this sneak peek is just for your eyes, a glimpse into the future a prototype I made in cardboard.


Pocket-Sized Art Revolution

Discover the magic of WAM Gallery, where Wagner's Art of Miniatures transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. This unique miniature art gallery, complete with pristine white walls, authentic hand-laid herringbone wood floors, and original artwork illuminated by bespoke lighting, has captivated fans, collectors, and newcomers alike. All meticulously crafted to fit within a suitcase, WAM Gallery offers an intriguing encounter with the arts, inviting you to explore a word where every detail is a testament to creativity and passion."

Close up on SWD Famous Headz miniature


Limited Edition Miniatures

Attention art enthusiasts beyond Denver! Seize this unique opportunity to own a piece of miniature marvel. This March, I'm unveiling Eight Limited Edition miniature artworks, offering an exclusive advance to collectors. Gain early access one hour before the general public and secure your miniature treasure. Remember, once they disappear, they're truly gone.

Early Access Password: miniVIP

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