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How I Built My Own Art Gallery

I have always dreamed big, this big dream just happen to come in a small package. I have been making miniature versions of everyday items, landmarks, sculptures, and even my own artwork for a few months now in a series called The Hunt since then I have wanted to expand the idea not in size but in scale (if that makes sense) since I was a kid I dreamed of painting huge canvases that fill a gallery or art museum. I still have this dream, and one day I will make it a reality at full scale. But what can I do right now with the tools, space, and ideas I have? While pondering this, among a million other things, I realized I could create my own gallery and fill it with my painting in a reasonable amount of time if it where the size of my miniatures, and if its portable I can continue my passion for engaging with the art community by taking a chance and popping up all around the city of Denver (and who knows maybe all across the USA).

So the same night I had the initial idea, without realizing the monumental undertaking I was about to take on. I found a cheap suitcase on facebook market place and picked it up.

I was off. Click the link below to see some of the build process I documented on Instagram.

Wagner's Art of Miniatures

Street Pop-Ups

Relocating to Colorado in 2022 marked a significant turning point for me. It wasn't just about finding a new home; it was about discovering a community that shared my passion for creating art that resonates deeply, connecting us through our collective experiences and challenges in today's world. My response? Hosting pop-up galleries on the streets of Denver. These events are more than just exhibitions; they are gatherings of like-minded individuals, art enthusiasts who believe in pushing boundaries and exploring the limits of creativity. Through art, we find unity and a sense of belonging in our quest to capture the essence of our era."

Limited Edition

Starting in 2024 Sam will be releasing a five to ten limited edition originals each month. Allowing collectors to snap up a miniature original online, expanding the reach of this small but extremely fun idea to an audience outside of Denver CO.

These Releases are available to The Inner Circle, SWD's email subscribers. Who gain early access to original works, limited edition releases, and Inner Circle merch.

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