I make art because words are hard.


Art is my way of capturing moments and ideas.

I was once told that “boredom is your greatest enemy” and I often see and hear people say “I’m bored”. We are all guilty of it from time to time. When I am using my hands to create something the word boredom is never uttered. Time flies by and days turn into nights. It’s almost as if someone hit fast forward. One minute I am mixing my paint as the sun is rising and the next I've missed dinner, a dozen texts, and a handful of phone calls. I would have it no other way. So I continue creating.



"Sam was patient, thorough, and attentive throughout the entire creative process. He spent countless hours working with me to perfect my vision. My expectations were exceeded, and he even customized shipped and packaged internationally!"

Jennifer S.

"I asked Sam to design a custom painting based on several different criteria. He produced mock versions to ensure the piece was what I was envisioning as well as making recommendations on how to improve it. I am still blown by the final product."

Ken C.

“Sam’s work immediately became the centerpiece in my living room. His work elicits a variety of timeless emotions and I look forward to viewing it everyday”

Nicole G.


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