Artist Statment

I am a US based artist who focuses on shape and harmony of composition. My work attempts to stray away from the expected use of value and perspective to draw a childlike wonder from the viewer. My fascination with bold lines, hard edges, and technology can be seen in his primarily geometric abstract, and suprematism works. I create structure and clarity often unavailable in daily life.



Who or what inspires you?

I can’t remember a time when I was not fascinated by art, even as a kid I loved museums. Growing up in the northeast I had the opportunity to see some of the greatest works on display: Jackson Pollock, Piet Mondrian, Kazimir Malevich, El Lissitzky, Pablo Picasso, Josef Albers, and Gustav Klutsis to just name a few. These artists influence the way I look at art. I attempt to create the same feeling I have looking at these masters in my own artwork.

Right now I am really into Julie Mehretu and Znat Girsberger work.

How do you come up with your works?

It happens most often when I am not trying to create anything, with ideas often coming to me during my morning meditation, or seconds before I fall asleep. During that silence, a brief moment of clarity reveals itself...often and in an instant, the painting comes to me almost fully formed. The color, shape, size, texture, and perspective as if I had already created it. I scribble it down in the hopes that tomorrow I will be up to the challenge of creating what I envisioned.

Why Geometric Abstraction?

For me, I always loved architecture and found satisfaction in order and simple shapes (maybe it's just OCD). It just the way my mind works I guess. I think simple shapes are beautiful as they are and don’t need to be overly complex. I have spent hundreds of hours in art classrooms studying, practicing, and listening to art professors speak on foreground, middle-ground, background, and a myriad of other techniques and styles; but I always gravitated back to what I found most enjoyable. A short quote from one of my favorite artists Jackson Pollic states: 

“Energy and motion made visible”

Everyone is intittled to their own optinion on what style of art they enjoy but something about The speed, texture, and brilliance that acrylics provide allow for sharp edges and layering like no other medium I have used. 

Outside of painting what do you like to do?

If I am not painting and it between the month of November and March I am skiing as much as possible. Something about the combination of speed, freedom, and stunning nature just captivates me. I can’t get enough. During the summer time I am day dreaming about skiing and sitting outside with a beverage in my hand.


“Sam’s work immediately became the centerpiece in my living room. His work elicits a variety of timeless emotions and I look forward to viewing it everyday”

"I asked Sam to design a custom painting based on several different criteria. He produced mock versions to ensure the piece was what I was envisioning as well as making recommendations on how to improve it. I am still blown by the final product."

"Sam was patient, thorough, and attentive throughout the entire creative process. He spent countless hours working with me to perfect my vision. My expectations were exceeded, and he even customized shipped and packaged internationally!"

Jennifer S.

Ken C.

Nicole G.