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Paint Tray - 3D Print File

Paint Tray - 3D Print File


This is a paint tray unlike anythig I have seen on the market!

Probably because I designed it with my needs in mind. I often move around when I paint, from a table to a easle to the wall.  So I designed this tray to allow you to clean a few brushes. mix a few colors and have two paint jars on hand.


Easy to connect to any standard trypod/camera screw and the top section is magnetic to allow for easy cleanup and water changes.


In addition to this print file you will need ten 10mm x 3mm round neodiminon magnets which can be purchased on Amazon for around $2-$4 and dropped in place with superglue.


3D Print Settings:

Infill: 18%

infill Pattern: Cubic

Supports: Enabled - Touching Buildplate

Support Patter: ZigZag

Support Dencity  10%

BuildPlate Adheasion: Brim - 6mm


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