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Heavi Headz N.012

Heavi Headz N.012


Dimensions 24" x 48" x 6"

Medium: Acrylics, gold leaf, neodymium magnets & 3D printed PLA


This artwork is a labor of love and a testament to persistence. Creating this white on white background with embossed lettering took over a month, showcasing the artist's dedication and meticulous effort.


The figure you see here, like many of us, puts on a confident look and tries to stay strong, positive, and keep moving forward. But inside, there’s fear, stress, and uncertainty about what this messed-up world will bring. Although the figure lacks eyes, she looks at you, unsure if you are a friend or foe.  This ambiguity invites you to reflect on your own perceptions and the emotional masks we all wear.


To learn more about the origins of the Heavi Head series and view the other works in this ongoing series, visit

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