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Sam Wagner's art explores themes of order, abstraction, unease, and impurity using geometric shapes to create works that help him process the rapidly evolving world. With ever-changing rules, procedures, and social norms, the artwork seen in this exhibition evolved as the circumstances of this world continue to shift. All the works shown in this exhibition were made during his two month residency in London. Work that has not already been purchased from this show can be purchased at the link below.

Mockup43 copy full_edited.jpg
Line work surface copy.png
Surface Needs Polish full copy.png
slit copy.png
River Thames copy 2.png
Mockup5 copy 83.png
New Norms
When copy.png
Tell Me When copy 2_edited.jpg
Stay clean raw copy.png
The Future
Solidarity_ copy.png
Mockup covering copy.png
Mockup5 copy 3 cFull_ copy.png
Teleport copy.png
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