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What to Expect Inside Your Box
of Original Artwork

The Artwork Itself

The work of art you ordered will be placed snuggly in the center of the box. To ensure the work arrives safely in perfect condition, protected by acid-free paper, bubble wrap, and recycled foam.

Order Invoice

Inside the sealed envelope with your certificate will be your order invoice. This is for your purchase receipt, which will include the date of purchase, the works name, size, and medium. As well as the works price and your order total after-tax, shipping, & handling.

Certificate of Authenticity

Inside the wax-sealed envelope, you will find your Certificate. This document contains my signature, information about the work, and an embossed seal with a serial number matching the number on the back of the artwork. This information is cataloged in official records.

Serial Number & Signature

Every work is signed by me. The signature can usually be found on the back of the work. In some cases, it's on the side or front of the canvas. There will also be a stamped serial number that coincides with the documentation and my official artwork record.

A Small Thank You 

Original Works will be accompanied by a small thank you card made and signed by me, Sam Wagner. To thank you for your patronage. My Hope is this is the beginning of an ongoing dialogue between us.

Promotional Mateiral

Every few months, I create a few new stickers, some of which I sell online others, some only available to those who purchase works from me, others special stickers created for the specific work or series. Inside the wax-sealed envelope, there will be a sticker or 3D printed mini included. 


Have a question? Want a commissioned work? Like something but can't find it in my shop? Send me a message on Instagram or fill out the form below.

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