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You are a collector of miniature fine art. Congrats on being part of an exclusive group of art collectors. 

  • Selena C.

  • Anthony R.

  • Morgan B.

  • Merrick L.

  • JD

  • Vinson H.

  • Chris J.

  • Benjamin A.

  • Matt S.

  • Mallory L.

  • Darian S.

  • Steve A.

  • Juliet F.

  • Madeleine S.

  • Terrence M.

  • Nick M.

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Miniature Care Instructions 

Treat these miniatures as you would a large work of fine art, because they are! Handle them delicately, as if you were holding a hand-held Mona Lisa.


These miniature canvases and frames are made from PLA printed plastic, meaning they are sensitive to high temperatures. We recommend avoiding leaving these artworks in high-temperature areas, outdoors, or on walls/metal surfaces that receive direct sunlight for several hours a day. Long exposure to direct sunlight can result in warping, bending, or yellowing.


If your miniature has sections coated in gold leaf, we recommend avoiding touching these surfaces with bare skin, as the oils from your hands may scratch, leave marks, or create unwanted patinas on the delicate sheets of gold.

Avoid removing magnets from the artwork or frames. In the unlikely event that a magnet comes loose, it can be reattached using a small dab of super glue in the magnet recess, but please ensure the magnet is correctly oriented before reinstalling.

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