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5:00 PM – 7:00 PM | Tuesday, January 16 | 
At The Clayton Hotel & Members Club

233 Clayton St, Denver, CO 80206

If you ever wanted to meet the artists behind Clayton’s locally curated gallery, here’s your chance. This January, we are excited to have Sam Wagner join us for a personal meet & greet in the Library where his one of a kind art pieces are displayed, including his W.A.M. Gallery - An art gallery in a suitcase!

“Sam Wagner’s art emerges from a journey against the grain, challenging traditional education and artistic norms. Merging inspirations from Fauvism and Abstract Expressionism with groundbreaking techniques like 3D printing, his work defies conventional boundaries. Wagner’s pieces balance chaos with harmony, engaging the viewer’s subconscious through innovative shapes, colors, and compositions. Each creation is a testament to his quest for deeper connection, expression beyond the limits of words, and to find a sense of childlike wonder every day.”

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